One Year Training

One-year Full-time Training

We are happy to announce to the saints concerning the one-year full-time training consisting of 2 terms under the Full-time Training in Malaysia (FTTMY), besides the two-year full-time training which is still on-going.

It has always been our earnest anticipation since the beginning of the full-time training in Malaysia in the year 2000 that many young people can separate out two years of their time to be trained and be perfected for the Lord’s interest. We are thankful to the Lord that until now, there are about 380 saints who have passed through this training. However, there are also saints who are unable to join the full-time training for the full duration of two years due to various reasons which they are unable to solve or overcome at the moment. Nevertheless, they are able to come for a full year. Through much fellowship, prayers, and considerations among the serving ones, we felt led by the Lord to care for this group of saints and thus are willing to accept trainees who can at least come for one year of full-time training.

One-year full-time training began with the first intake in August 2012, and the ninth intake will begin on 5 October 2020. It is our sincere hope that saints who are fresh graduates or many who are already holding a job would seize this opportunity and consider attending the training for at least one year. Of course at the completion of the one-year training the trainee is strongly encouraged to also continue into the second year of full-time training if circumstances have changed and allow them to be trained for two full years. If they are unable to continue, and have to stop after one year, we believe their one year of training will still be very profitable to all, and the Lord will honor their one year consecration to be trained.

The basic requirement for application for this one-year training is the same as that for two years, i.e., having a university degree, age between 21 to 40 years old and in sound physical and mental health. The procedure for application is the same as the two-year training. Please note that if you are already able to decide to come for two years of training, you should choose two years, instead of choosing to come for one year and then have the option of continuing into the second year. We trust the Lord Himself will guide you in your prayers and in your decision before Him in this matter.