The Full-Time Training in Malaysia (FTTMY) was established in July 2000 with a view of fulfilling God’s eternal purpose by helping Christians to be perfected and constituted with the truths of the Bible, grow and be established in the divine life, develop their spiritual capacities (such as gospel preaching, nourishing new believers, perfecting the saints, prophesying for the building up of the Body of Christ), and cultivate a proper human character that they may become useful vessels in the Lord’s hands and functioning members of the Body of Christ. Trainees are university graduates of all nationalities and backgrounds. In the course of the two-year program, they take classes, preach the gospel, shepherd the saints and serve in many practical areas.

Trainees live together, attend classes, serve on gospel teams, and participate in church meetings. Their daily schedule provides time for personal contact with the Lord in prayer and in the Word. In such a rich environment, they not only learn spiritual lessons but they also blend with their peers, forming spiritual companionships that endure well beyond graduation day.

Trainees live a normal daily life. They are not spiritual heroes; they are real people with real needs facing typical human concerns and problems. Yet despite all these outward circumstances, one undeniable realization always rings true – God is here.

If you are here, you gain more God. You will love God and God’s word more than ever before, you will learn to treasure the Body, and in the midst of all things around you, God becomes so real that you will be filled with the joy of the Lord.