Admission Process

FTTMY application forms can be obtained from the elders/responsible brothers in each locality. They can also be obtained by contacting the FTTMY office. Furthermore, you may now download it here. (ENG | CHI)

Each applicant MUST complete the application form and then submit it to the elders/responsible brothers in his/her locality for their recommendation. The applicant will be responsible to submit the application directly to the FTTMY office.

The elders’ comments section of the application form is meant for elders to have thorough fellowship with prospective trainees(s) regarding the nature of the Full-Time Training. This is to ensure that all FTTMY applicants are fully aware of the rules and regulations of the training. A detailed summary of the fellowship is to be written in the comments section for each applicant. This will facilitate the FTTMY acceptance procedure.

  1. A standard FTTMY medical questionnaire form. This form must be completed as thoroughly as possible and then submitted with the application.
  2. A FTTMY “Consecration Agreement”. The elders are requested to help each applicant to read through this agreement thoroughly and in prayer, so that all the points are clearly understood by them before signing the agreement for submission.

All the forms must be submitted in an envelope and designated with the words: “Full-time Training Registration.”

Mail/Submit the envelope to the Full-Time Training Centre.

Those who are accepted will be notified including further information concerning arrival instructions, expenses, uniform requirements, textbooks, etc. will be provided. If you have any questions concerning joining the training, please contact the FTTMY office.

Please contact us at should you have any further inquiries. Thank you!