Gospel Move in Sabah (29 Dec 15 ~ 19 Jan 16)

Testimonies of the Trainees

Praise the Lord for such a glorious gospel move! It was really wonderful to have 168 saints from all over Malaysia going to Sabah for no other purpose than to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom! It was a privilege rather than a price to pay for us to have such an opportunity to participate in this glorious move. We can clearly see that this gospel move is of the Lord’s desire. People were saved and books were propagated. There are many Christians in Sabah but most of them do not know the high peak truth. Therefore, it is our responsibility to go and bring the truth to them! Bringing people to salvation and propagating the truth serve only as a beginning. The shepherding work is equally important. Therefore I see that there is a real need for us to rise up and seize the opportunity to go – to preach the gospel, propagate the truth and shepherd the sheep.

Trainees in Team A covering the areas of Penampang, Papar, Beaufort, Sipitang, Kota Marudu, Tuaran and Pitas

God needs a group of people to cooperate with Him in order to preach the gospel of the kingdom in the whole inhabited earth. During the gospel move in Sabah, we announced Christ as the gospel. We flowed out Christ as life that people may know God, know God’s economy and touch God. By propagating the Malay Recovery Version of the Holy Bible and spiritual books, we brought the word of God to people. The word of God sets people free and it becomes the gladness and joy of their heart. Besides that, this gospel move was a move in the Body. Many saints were willing to pay the price by offering up their time, their money and even their whole being to seize the opportunity to participate in the gospel move, to coordinate and serve together in the Body.

When I was propagating in the places yet to have golden lampstands, I saw the thirst of the new believers and gospel friends for the Lord and His word. They were willing to pay the price to buy the truth; however, there were a lack of shepherds to shepherd them. As a result, these new believers did not have much opportunity to come together. In such a situation, the Lord repeatedly touched me and caused me to have a deep realization that my life and my all are for His gospel. I am willing to obey to His calling within me. I want to choose the best by seizing the opportunity to cooperate with His move.

During the gospel work, our team visited the saints who have backslidden with the hope to recover their enjoyment of the Lord and to recover them back to the normal church life. During the visitation, I had the opportunity to coordinate with the local saints. Through such coordination I saw the living patterns of the local saints. They had been laboring consistently by visiting these backsliding ones and shepherding them. Therefore I was encouraged to be like them, to be those who are willing to go and labor.

Trainees in Team B covering Keningau, Tenom, Tambunan and Nabawan

I am always touched by the Lord whenever I hear the fellowship of my companions concerning how joyful and encouraged they were when they saw the people in Sabah genuinely seek the Lord and open to the gospel. Praise the Lord! This time I have the opportunity to participate in the gospel move in Sabah. The testimonies that I previously heard are no longer objective to me; rather, they have become my subjective experience. I was very joyful to meet all the saints from Keningau and I have indeed witnessed the harvesting of the ‘ripe fruit’. My eyes were opened to see that the Lord really needs a lot of workers to be raised up for His move on the earth.

Gospel preaching is not a work; rather, it is an outflow of life. The life within us is a flowing life; it desires to flow out from within us into others! Although I was restricted by the language, my whole being was filled with joy when we called on the Lord’s name, sang hymns and read the word of God together with those whom we were contacting. The natives whom we met had a strong desire for the word of God. Although they were poor, they were willing to pay the price to buy the spiritual books. Once they have bought the books, they could not stop reading them. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied!

Our God is a moving and speaking God. His word is prevailing among the people in Nabawan. Many were willing to pay the price to buy the truth. We propagated the spiritual books through door-knocking in the villages and by setting up book exhibition in Tamu. The word of God is truly the genuine need of every man. Besides, I was encouraged by the local saints who stand firm for the Lord’s recovery. We once preached the gospel to a group of gospel friends brought by a local saint and twelve of them were baptized into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord! I can testify that gospel preaching has become more prevailing through our coordination with the local saints.