Blending & Churching Trip to East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia (7-10 July 18)

On the 7th to the 10th of July 2018, 7 brothers and 15 sisters from FTTMY, including trainees and serving ones, went on a churching trip to the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The localities visited were Kuantan, Kemaman, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Bharu, Cameron Highlands and Kampar.


Our first stop was the Church in Kuantan. We attended the East Coast Blending Conference there. The title of the conference was “The Spiritual Warfare of the Church as The New Man”. Saints from Kuantan, Temerloh, Bahau, Penang, Kemaman, and a few campus students with their serving ones from Petaling Jaya were all present. The speaking on Message 1 and 2 on the first day revealed that the church has a twofold purpose of expressing God and defeating God’s enemy. The church as the new man is to engage in the spiritual warfare. The saints were helped to see the spiritual things behind the physical things, the spiritual world behind the physical world. There is thus a great need for all of us to offer ourselves absolutely and thoroughly to fight this spiritual warfare with the Lord by putting on the whole armor of God through prayer.

On the second day, we had the opportunity to participate in the Lord’s Table Meeting with all the saints. The spirits of the saints were very much uplifted. The conference sessions continued right away after the Lord’s Table Meeting. Through this series of messages, the saints realized that our fighting in the spiritual warfare is not for victory, but from and in victory. In all the stages, Christ is victorious over Satan, and His victory becomes the basis of our fighting. Today we are on a battlefield, and our will must be one with God’s will. The spiritual warfare is fought by us as the corporate Joshua to gain more Christ to build up the Body of Christ. For this reason, we need to have the prayer of the age and the sacrifice of praises. Praise the Lord!

The saints helped one another to enter into the burden of this conference through much sharing, fellowshipping and prophesying. It was precious to see the saints being brought into the same flow and burden under the leading of this ministry for the unique work of the building up of the Body of Christ, to be prepared as the bridal army to fight the spiritual warfare. This is not merely the work of a particular church. It requires all the churches to rise up and engage in this ongoing warfare.


After the Blending Conference in Kuantan, we made our way to Kemaman. We had sweet fellowship with one of the families there. We were so encouraged to see a group of saints living as the testimony of Jesus in this locality. They stand firm with the support and supply of the Body and also by the might of His strength. Their life is a life of the altar and the tent, simply consecrated to follow the Lamb wherever He goes. How glorious this is! They open up their home for the saints to meet and have mutual shepherding. It was evident that their capacity was thus being broadened and they enjoyed more growth in life.

Their migration was an issue of the good pattern laid before them. It became a strong foundation for them to choose this narrow way. Through the clear speaking and leading of the ministry, they were strengthened to grasp hold of every opportunity to follow the Lord. Now, their faithfulness in turn became a pattern to all of us.

Kuala Terengganu

After Kemaman, we stopped at Kuala Terengganu. We had dinner together with a family there. We had the opportunity to hear their testimony of answering the Lord’s call to migrate to this locality.

During the break of first term training, the brother and his wife made a road trip to the northern region of Malaysia and had the opportunity to join the East Coast Blending Conference in Kuala Terengganu. Because of this visit to Kuala Terengganu the seed of migration was sown into him. He sensed the Lord’s great need. Upon the completion of the Full-Time Training, the Lord called him to migrate to Kuala Terengganu. He fellowshipped with his wife the feeling to migrate to Kuala Terengganu and she just said ‘Amen’! The Body also affirmed this feeling when he brought it up to fellowship. He testified that God will reveal His need to us. We just need to respond by seizing the opportunity to become God’s stepping stone in His move on the earth. He saw that the Lord is calling His overcomers out of every local church and this seeing preserved him till date.

Kota Bahru

Kota Bharu is an Islamic city. The church in Kota Bahru began the first bread-breaking meeting in 2008. We had the chance to gather with three local saints and enjoy the mutual flow with them after having breakfast together. It was precious to hear from them concerning their experience of the Lord and the fellowship of the Body, learning to be members, coordinate and serve with and in the Body. Their experience of migration to Kota Bahru was in the fellowship of the Body. Because of their cooperation with the Lord they are very much preserved. Although the church in Kota Bharu is relatively small, the saints learn to serve the Lord and the church without any excuse of burying their function.

One of the saints here testified that she chose to do her post-graduate in Kota Bharu for the Lord’s testimony. Initially she came with her natural zealousness, wanting to do something great for the Lord. As time passed, the Lord trained her to simply be a member, to coordinate and serve with the local saints. She set aside all her worries about her future and sought first His kingdom and His righteousness. Now she is enjoying her normal church life and becoming the Lord’s strong testimony in Kota Bahru.

Cameron Highland

The church in Cameron Highlands began their first bread-breaking meeting in year 2010. We had wonderful fellowship with the local saints there.

After visiting the localities over the past few days, the serving brother shared with us on the burden of migration. God has a need. His need can only be met by His overcomers. The overcomers are a group of people who love Him, and love not their soul-life even unto death (Rev. 12:11). They are those who are willing to rise up and answer His call, cooperating with Him by going out.

We are the Lord’s. Where the Lord’s vineyards are, there our home will be. Migration requires us not to rely on ourselves, but on the body and by the spirit of faith. For this, we need the vision from the Lord to control, govern and preserve us till the end. Whenever we have the heart to seek God, He is willing to reveal Himself to us that we may see the vision. This vision will cause us to care for His interest. We will love what God loves, and hate what God hates.

The Lord’s recovery is a battlefield and our existence is to accomplish God’s eternal purpose. In order for us to engage in this spiritual warfare, we need to see the victorious Christ, for every spiritual things has been accomplished by Him. Through the unveiling of the truth, we saw that although God has promised us the good land as our inheritance, we still need to labor and fight in order to possess the good land. When we are willing to labor and pay the price, we can be used by Him to engage in this spiritual warfare.


Kampar was our last stop. During our dinner together with the local saints as well as the campus students, we had fellowship and sharing especially concerning spiritual warfare. There is a spiritual warfare behind the physical world where the enemy is attacking – our work, being busy with studies, having no time for meeting, problems in our church service, conflict and disharmony among the members etc., all these matters cause us to lose the enjoyment of Christ.

When we shared about spiritual warfare, they were interested to know more. This was the first time they heard about spiritual warfare. From this, we saw the importance of blending. Many saints did not know about spiritual warfare, being blinded by Satan’s scheme because Satan does not want us to know about it. Through this blending, we shared the burden from the conference we had, so that they will realize that the church as the new man is for the waging of spiritual warfare—to defeat the enemy and to bring in the kingdom of God. All of us need to engage in this spiritual warfare. We should not merely live our own wonderful church life. We need to rise up to bear the commission of this age, allowing the one new man to grow unto maturity and to become the corporate warrior.

We also shared our experience of being called by God and how we consecrated ourselves to join the Full-time training. In this last age, the Lord wants to come back. He needs to gain the dispensational instrument, those who know His heart’s desire, to carry out His will. May our testimonies strengthened the desires of those who are going to graduate, those who has the heart to be perfected, to join the training. Psalms 110:3a says, “Your people will offer themselves willingly / In the day for Your warfare, / In the splendor of their consecration…”. We need to consecrate our whole life to the Lord. The training will help us, constitute us, and perfect us, so that we can cooperate with the Lord to fight this spiritual warfare.